About Heritage Hallow Farm

Hi there

Often times people are surprised that we started a farm. After all, we did not come from a farming family or community, and are, for all intensive purposes, quite “city people”. So why start a farm? It comes down to our core beliefs.

  1. Invest in the United States of America’s economy. Common media headlines often boast promises of increasing manufacturing in the U.S.A. What better way to start producing something than our own food. Local production of food, and all goods, is key to the stability of the economy across the nation. 10 states produce over 50% of all the U.S.A.’s foods (source). The pandemic has shown us that we need to be able to support ourselves on a local level.
  2. Let’s change the world. I mean our food. Or maybe both? 🤔. Studies consistently show that common American foods (many of which are banned in European or other countries, but are consistently approved for consumption by the USDA), and even our water, are littered with increased levels of harmful chemicals and have less nutrition when compared to heritage type foods. So what do we do? We focus on species of foods that thrive in our local environment, are a sustainable solutions to food production (create more food with less output), and has a negative carbon impact. As an additional bonus, since these species are better suited for the environment they are produced in, they require less chemical treatment and have additional nutrition and health benefits. Plus, it’s fun to not eat the same few assorted foods you always see at the big box food stores.
  3. We love what we do. Being outside, soaking up the sun, getting exercise, spending time with people we care about, and working with animals and plants – creating life and watching progress happen right before our eyes! What more could you ask for??

So, we hope to improve the lives of the people around us by feeding our money back into the local economy and keep our dollars here instead of sending it to the 10 big farming states, by supplying people with more nutritious and healthy foods, and having a positive impact on global warming/the environment. For us, this is a win-win-win.