Heritage Hogs

We are proud to offer both Old Line, Heritage Breed DuRoc meats and breeding stock, as well as Mangalitsa, DuRoc crossed meat and breeding stock for a variety of the best pork in the world.

Mangalitsa Hogs

Mangalitsa is a heritage slow growing (can take up to 14 months to get to butcher weight in some cases), lard breed pig with delicious fat used to make a butter-like lard spread, soaps, and great, artisanal meats! The Mangalitsa is on average 65-70% fat. The fat is a tastier, healthier fat.

According to Somangalitsa, Mangalitsa fat:

  • Is the whitest fat to be found, = the purest
  • Is the right balance between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids with an important amount of omega-3
  • Contains no trans fat
  • Melts at body temperature, meaning very easy for your body to absorb, the lowest melting temperature of all pig breeds
  • Very easy to melt down to make lard, a healthy alternative for margarine

It is even said to make a flakier, tastier pie crust! The meat of a Mangalitsa is a redder meat than you will find in a grocery store, and has been called “the Kobe beef of pork” by modernfarmer.com. Mangalitsa also contains a higher intramuscular fat ratio, which seeps into the meat when cooked, adding to the meat’s flavor.

Learn more about what makes the Mangalitsa the “perfect pig.”

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Our Mangalitsa Hogs

DuRoc Hogs

The Heritage, Old Line DuRocs we work with are from Henry Fudge’s genetics. This hog also has a redder meat with a higher intramuscular fat ratio. Moreover, the fat in a DuRoc is also a tastier, unsaturated fat high in omega-3s! However, the Old Line, Heritage breed DuRocs reach 350 lbs in 9 months. Henry Fudge and his mentor have created a fast growing DuRoc blood line that has been bred for over 100 years to focus on bringing back the body type in years past. As a result of close line breeding for only the best traits, Henry has achieved a hog that is economically viable while maintaining an Artisanal, high-quality, healthy meat. These pigs have been known to be called the Wagyu of pork.

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Our DuRoc Hogs